What We Grow
Our organic blooming fields hum with life: bees swarm the marigolds; rosy finches, sparrows and wrens make themselves at home; tree frogs cling to the stalks of cosmos. A few years ago, we even found a bird’s nest in the strawberry patch! Our kids run freely down the paths between the beds, and we don’t have to worry that they are brushing up against chemical residue.

At Marigold and Mint, we select which seeds to sow by choosing those ones whose fragrance, color, pattern — or simply overall delightfulness — we respond to. We love to be surprised by the stunning complexity of a flower or a branch, and to that end we are always trying out new types of flowers and other plants with ornamental value.

Take a look at what we are growing and harvesting, but know that this list is ever-changing.

Why Local/Organic
Flowers are living things and they are a commodity shipped around the world. Considering the fuel cost and chemicals used to keep lovely, fragile flowers protected and alive en route from, say, Tanzania to Tennessee, we prefer to grown and buy local.

At Marigold and Mint, we strive through our organic and sustainable agricultural practices to do no harm to the environment and all the people and animals that live in it, and to balance any harm (such as some reliance on fossil fuels) with a healthy serving of good: by growing and selling natural fragrant flowers and herbs within the Northwest. We work hard to build soil fertility, create habitat, and protect genetic diversity by growing countless varieties of flowers and herbs.