Valentine’s Day

Marigold and Mint has a little something pink, a little something sweet and a little something gorgeous for you.

From our organic orchard, in pink and white. Wrapped in craft paper and tied with a silk ribbon.



A BOX of COCOA ABSOLUTE CHOCOLATES $45 Single origin dark chocolate squares. Handmade by Cocoa Absolute in Northern California; dark and delicious; with three flavors to choose from: natural, bergamot or brulee.



A Limited-Edition LES YEUX D’EXTASE CARD $15 A hand-screened art print masquerading as a meticulously designed greeting card. Each of the 100 editions is signed and numbered by the artist, Izzie Klingels (Marigold and Mint’s house illustrator), and is ready to be framed, hung and cherished for years to come. The picture doesn’t do it justice. These are GORGEOUS.



Orders can be for 1, 2 or 3 items, in any combination. We will make deliveries on the 12th, 13th and 14th. To place an order, email or call 206-419-1222.

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