September is a favorite time of year for us as our marigold fields are out-of-control beautiful. It’s hard to decide which marigold I love the most. One day it’s the small rusty French marigold, the next the tangerine edible, the next the yellow African. For more on stringing marigolds, take a look at my latest post for Garden Design Magazine. Marigold Garlands.

One thought on “Marigolds

  1. just found your site via kinfolk mag, via the new Victorian realist. the internet is so great, i viewed a site in the southern us, that led me to a site in the uk, that led me to seattle, and all from a comfortable chair in poulsbo, wa! your site is glorious, and i am so crazy nuts for marigold garlands, i didnt know there was a place to actually buy them locally!!very very cool!

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