Fully settled into fall

The colors of autumn have fully descended on the shop: deep maroons and oranges from the field, earthy browns in our new pottery from Akiko, the deep hues of fall vegetables. But first, one last glimpse of a late summer wedding bouquet, simply garden roses:



At this time last fall, the fields had shut down. This year, the marigolds keep going and going, and the bees are are pleased as bees can be.


As I mentioned we are now carrying pottery made by Akiko, whose gorgeous hand-built slab and wheel works are made in Seattle. We also have a slew of neat new greeting cards (none too saccharine), a first shipment from Fog Linen from Japan and heirloom pumpkins galore.




And here’s a recent arrangement made in the shop…. with my cappucino from Sitka and Spruce in the corner.




Fall Flowers

Who knows when the rain will stop or how soon the first frost will come. In the meantime I’m harvesting as fast as I can, before marigolds get mushy and zinnias mold. For now, they are bright and bold as fall flowers tend to be. The fields and shop are full of strong yellows and fuschia pinks — a shot of intensity even as the mellow greys and soft greens start to settle in for awhile.