In Bloom for Week of May 24, 2009

As I was headed into my grandfather’s woods the other day an older man named Paul stopped me. Turns out he wanted to make sure I wasn’t trespassing. Once we got that straightened out, we had a conversation that was very helpful to me. He’s been living in the valley for over 40 years, and now I know these delicate white blossoms are thimbleberry blossoms.

And these pink ones are salmonberry.

While the thimbleberry blooms only last about 4 days, the blooms keep opening up on the branch. They’d be really special for the right event, but I love them just on my kitchen windowsill.
And here’s a shot of where these and the ferns come from. A pretty enchanted forest if you ask me!

a few firsts

Marigold and Mint had a few firsts this week. On Thursday, I harvested our first dozen organic roses. Here are some of them (with the Lawrence Welk-esque names of Sunset Celebration and Enchanted Evening), arranged with lavender lilacs. It’s too bad the computer cannot capture the heady fragrance.


Our first organic edible flower bloomed in the field this week, too. I picked it, shook off the dirt and ate it! So she’s long gone, but here’s a picture of the veins of purple coursing through pale yellow petals.