Tulips and Roses

Today I spent the afternoon digging holes for 40 new heirloom rose plants. I also brought Queen of the Night and Angelique tulips out of the field. They are spending the night in the cooler, ready for delivery tomorrow and the next day. The crab apple is also bursting and ready to come out of the orchard, along with all those unfurling ferns in the woods.

The Queen:



The lovely Angelique:

Grape Hyacinth and Moss

In October I planted hundreds of purple and white grape hyacinth. Most of them are too short to sell to the florists, but they are sweet as can be. The purple is perfect in a white ceramic vase in my daughter’s room. I think I’ll use the white for my friend’s baby shower this weekend. Insipired by a little Japanese home and garden book, I also combined some with moss collected from the farm. Here you have it:

Pale green ferns are starting to unfurl in the woods. What a thrill of to find a delicate curl of chartreuse at your feet.

Happy Hyancinth

I am just back from Florida where it was so warm and sunny and I was sure I’d have such a hard time coming back to Seattle’s still cool spring. ┬áBut out in the field today, a burst of color greeted me and I discovered that the hyacinth are ready for harvesting. A bright yet deep purple, they smell delicious. I’ll harvest them tomorrow morning and they’ll be on doorsteps (for my flower subscribers) and in shops by tomorrow afternoon.